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Bundestag will höhere Luftverkehrabgabe

German tax on long-haul flights set to rise by 40 percent

Germany raises its aviation tax: The parliament in Berlin decided to hike the tax on flights in 2020. The industry is not amused.


A flight: Germany taxes air travel heavier.

The German Bundestag has passed large parts of the climate deal agreed by the Coalition in September. On Friday (November 15), he signed several laws, including the law amending the air traffic tax law. It provides that the tax on airline tickets will be significantly increased on April 1, 2020. For flights in Europe it will increase from 7.50 euros to 13.03 euros, for medium-haul flights up to 6000 kilometres from 23.43 to 33.01 euros and for long-haul flights from 42.18 to 59.43 euros.

This would strengthen «the incentives already in place for environmentally friendly behaviour in transport», the government explained in Berlin. The revenues would be used to finance the rising costs of combating climate change and preserving the natural environment. In 2023, revenues of around 850 million euros are expected.

«Wrong way»

The Federal Association of the German Air Transport Industry BDL criticises the decision. «The drastic increase of the air traffic tax as a national solo effort is the completely wrong way for climate protection», he writes. Airlines will be deprived of financial resources for further investments in low-emission aircraft and alternative fuels. In addition, there is a threat of migration to airports close to the border.

The BDL still has one chance. In November or December, the Federal Council, as the representative of the federal states, still has to give its blessing to the law.

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