Turkish looking at A220 and E195-E2

The airline wants to expand. For this reason, Turkish Airlines wants to receive its long-haul jets earlier and additionally is looking at the Airbus A220 and competing Embraer jets. More

Airline opts for Airbus A330

Setback for Boeing at Boliviana de Aviacion

The aircraft manufacturer promoted the Dreamliner as successor for the 767 of Boliviana de Aviación. For the time being, however, the state-owned airline has decided in favour of the Airbus A330. More

Production in Germany

Dornier 328 set for a comeback

No Dornier 328s have been produced since 2005. This is set to change - with a new turboprop production site in Germany and help of an U. S. company. More

Decomissioning of the «Superjumbo»

Where the A380 disappears when

Air France is retiring its Airbus A380 earlier than anticipated. It is not the only airline to plan its future without the «Superjumbo». An overview. More