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Flights to Basel

Air Transat brings Airbus A321 LR to second European city

The Canadian leisure airline is bringing its newest fleet member to Basel. With the Airbus A321 LR, Air Transat can operate the route more often and more cost-effectively.

In winter to the south, in summer to the east: this is a simplified description of Air Transat’s business model. During the colder months, the leisure carrier from Québec heads for destinations in Central America and the Caribbean from its home in Canada. During the warmer months of the year, more and more aircraft are on their way to Europe.

Due to the cultural proximity of Air Transat’s home province of Quebec to France, seven French cities, including Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice, are on the summer program. In addition, holiday destinations such as Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Faro, Glasgow, Lamezia, Malaga, Prague, Rome and Venice are served. All routes are seasonal – only London and Paris are served throughout the year. In addition to the Airbus A330, A310s have been used on particularly well booked routes so far.

Smaller aircraft, more flights

After all, Air Transat has decided to replace the 30-year-old A310 with A321 LR. The airline is renting a total of 15 aircraft from leasing companies. The first destination in Europe was Bordeaux, the second was Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg, where the new aircraft has been in service since Tuesday (25th June). Air Transat offers twelve larger and more comfortable premium economy seats in its Airbus A321 LR, as well as 187 economy seats.

The effects of the change of aircraft can be seen in the example of the seasonal destination of Basel. Although the A310 offers 250 seats, 51 more than the A321 LR with its 199, Air Transat operates the route twice a week. Thanks to a 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption, it is also possible to increase capacity by 63 percent profitably. Basel, however, remains the only destination in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the time being.

In the picture gallery above you can take a look at the new Airbus A321 LR of Air Transat.

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