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After Austria

Netherlands want to set a minimum price for tickets as well

The fact that Austria has announced a minimum price for air tickets has been well received by the Dutch governing parties. They want to follow suit.

Leonore Gewessler presented a global first. During the presentation of the rescue package for Austrian Airlines, the Austrian Environmental Minister also announced the introduction of a minimum price for flight tickets. In the future, flights may no longer be sold «below the legally prescribed fees and charges».

In the meantime, the governing parties Christen Unie and D66 of the Netherlands have also indicated that they want to introduce a minimum price for tickets. While in Austria, due to the fee structure, the levy standard fee is 40 euros, in The Hague the figure is 34 euros. A decision is still pending, but it is expected that the opposition parties will support the proposal.

Various countries impose environmental requirements

The politicians want to prevent cheap airlines with low prices from trying to boost demand in the post-Corona period. «You can book a one-way flight to London for twenty euros. At such prices you don’t look at other means of transport, like the train. And it would be much better for the climate if the railways were given a fair chance,» argued MEP Jan Paternotte to the RTL channel. When announcing the measure, Austria had mentioned the protection of the climate but also of employees as reasons.

In various countries, state aid for airlines was linked to environmental conditions. Air France, for example, has to reduce domestic routes, in Austria there is an increase in tax for short-haul flights in addition to the minimum price, and Germany is demanding more investment from Lufthansa in promoting alternative fuels.

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