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Lufthansa subsidiary

Eurowings cuts 300 jobs on the ground

Lufthansa's low-cost subsidiary saves on cost. Almost every third job in administration will be lost. The Eurowings fleet will also shrink significantly in the coming year.

Eurowings wants to cut almost every third job in administration due to the corona crisis. «We have about 1000 jobs in administration and we will cut about 300 of them», said the CEO of Eurowings, Jens Bischof, on Monday evening (May 25) at an online event of the Düsseldorf Economic Journalists Association. In total, the Lufthansa subsidiary employs around 4000 people.

Bischof did not mention any figures on job cuts among pilots and flight attendants. «In flight operations, it depends on the concepts that we achieve with our social partners – especially with regard to the possible split of the Germanwings colleagues between Lufthansa and Eurowings», said the Eurowings CEO. The fleet will shrink significantly: «In 2021, we will probably have only a good 90 aircraft in the air instead of the 139 aircraft flown in 2019,» said Bischof.

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