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No landing permission in Olbia

Eurowings flight took off a month early

An Airbus A320 of the German low-cost airline Eurowings was refused permission to land in Sardinia. The reason: the island does not allow foreign flights until the end of June.

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Airbus A320 from Eurowings: landing in Olbia not possible.

It was the first flight of the season. On Saturday morning (May 23) early in the morning, an Airbus A320 from Eurowings took off from Düsseldorf for Olbia. The passengers hoped to relax for a few days in Sardinia after the Corona break. But they landed back in North Rhine-Westphalia after four hours of flight and not on the Italian island.

What happened? Flight EW9844 was not allowed to land in Sardinia. Because the planners of Eurowings missed something. The authorities of the Sardinia Region have not yet reopened the air traffic on the island.

International flights not until June 24

On June 3, flights subsidised by the Sardinia Region will be allowed again, national flights will start again from 15 June, and international flights will not be permitted until 24 June. So Eurowings was in Olbia a whole month too early.

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