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Thanks to Joint Venture with Boeing

Embraer keen on developing a turboprop aircraft

Thanks to becoming part of the Boeing Company, the Brazilians could work on environmentally friendly propeller planes, says John Slattery, Head of the manufacturers commercial division.

It all started with turboprops. When Embraer was founded 50 years ago, the single-engine EMB 110 Bandeirante was the aircraft manufacturer’s first product. today, its portfolio consists only of jet planes. But that could change. John Slattery, head of Embraer Commercial division, which will soon become Boeing Brasil Commercial, is keen on his company developing propeller aircraft again,  the Irishman said this week at a meeting with journalists in Sao Jose dos Campos.

One of the reasons is that Embraer’s commercial division is set to soon become part of the Boeing group. «With the benefit of being able to access a wider balance sheet we can develop aircraft that would otherwise not have been developed by us». says Slattery. He doesn’t Embraer developing any aircraft bigger than the E2 family.  «As I think about the future, we are thinking about the smaller regional connectivity space. That is our dna and that’s where we want to bring more value.»

«I continue to work on it»

«I continue to believe that there is a solid opportunity in the turboprop space. The incumbents in the market today are dealing with technology that’s 30 years old», he continues. He sees great potential in. developing more comfortable and more environmentally friendly and quiet aircraft in. that segment. A final decision about the subject hasn’t been made yet. «We are not in a position to present a business case to the board yet», says Slattery. But he adds that he has been «very vocal» with them about the opportunities that come with developing a product that complements Embraers current Portfolio without cannibalizing any products. 

The next step could be an advisory board meeting later this year. «Intuitively, I quite like the opportunity.», Slattery says.  «We are not ready to bring forward a final position for approval but i continue to work on it.» 

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