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Desaer ATL-100

New turboprop aircraft to enter service in 2026

The new Brazilian aircraft manufacturer is getting help from Portugal. In six years, Desaer wants to hand over the first ATL-100 turboprop aircraft to customers.

There are already quite a few players in this market: Ruag with the modernised Dornier 228, Let with the L-410, Chinese Harbin with the Y-12, Polish PZL Mielec with the M28 Skytruck, Viking Air with the classic DHC-6 Twin Otter and Cessna with the new 408 Sky Courier are all competing for airlines with a demand for aircraft with 17 to 19 seats. Nevertheless, Desaer still wants to join in.

Two years ago the Brazilian company, which like Embraer is based in São José dos Campos and was also founded by former employees of the jet manufacturer, introduced a new regional aircraft. The ATL-100 will be able to carry 19 passengers or three LD3 cargo containers. Desaer promises that it will be possible to convert between passenger and freight versions within two hours.

Roll-out already 2023

In order to promote development, Desaer is now seeking help in Portugal. The company is working with the research institue Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Produto Ceiia. The two are planning to present the first prototype as early as 2023. The first machine is scheduled to be handed over to the first customer in early 2026 at the latest.

A launch customer already exists. A year ago, the Brazilian AGS Logística signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to purchase two ATL-100 and an option for a further three.

Three versions planned

The ATL-100 is expected to reach 430 kilometres per hour (267 mph), have a range of about 1600 kilometres (994 miles), a maximum take-off weight of about 8.6 tonnes and the ability to take off and land on unpaved runways. The Brazilian company is planning three variants of the aircraft. The passenger version is set to carry 19 passengers, the cargo version three LD3 containers and the military version 12 parachutists.

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