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Orders continue to fall

Boeing lost almost 1000 737 Max orders

The manufacturer was able to sell five 737 Max in August. However, at the same time, cancellations of Boeing's troubled planes have increased.

Slowly but surely, the Boeing 737 Max is moving towards re-certification. Key aviation authorities are currently conducting flight tests with the aircraft type. Europe’s EASA is carrying out tests in Vancouver.

And so it would seem that confidence in the aircraft has somewhat increased. In August, not only the Polish Enter Air ordered two copies. An unnamed customer also placed a firm order for three aircraft, as data published on Tuesday (September 8) shows.

Smaller backlog

However, August also saw further cancellations and uncertainty over existing orders. As the latest figures show, the manufacturer now has a backlog for the Boeing 737 Max – the number of planes still to build – of only 3455. This is a reduction of almost 1000 compared to the beginning of the year. Before the two deadly crashes and the resulting grounding of the aircraft, Boeing originally gained more than 5200 orders. 387 of those have so far been handed over to customers.

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