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Wizz Air reveals its plans for Abu Dhabi

On October, 1, the Hungarian low-cost airline's subsidiary will officially launch. Eventually, it plans to operate 100 planes from Abu Dhabi.

Wizz Air started offering flights to Abu Dhabi in June. Since then, the Hungarian low-cost airline has been connecting Bucharest and Budapest to the Emirate on the Persian Gulf. Cluj, Katowice and Sofia will be added in mid September.

However, the new Hungarian subsidiary will not really get going until October 1. Then Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will officially begin operations with two Airbus A321 and, in addition to the first five routes, will also fly to Alexandria, Athens, Kutaisi, Larnaca, Odessa and Yerevan. The management plans a fleet of 100 aircraft for the airline in Abu Dhabi by 2035.

Same same but different

The new Emirati airline – a joint venture with the sovereign wealth fund ADQ – is basically wearing the colours of the Hungarian model. However, it differs in one respect: the tail fin and the rear of the fuselage bear the word «Abu Dhabi» in large letters.

Airbus A321 Neo von Wizz Air Abu Dhabi im Airbus-Werk Hamburg-Finkenwerder.      Bild: Tobias Gudat

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