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Boeing 737-700

Wings of Lebanon returns its sole aircraft

The Coronavirus crisis and the severe economic crisis in Lebanon had a huge impact on the airline. Wings of Lebanon now had to close down after returning its only Boeing 737.

Wing Of Lebanon

Wings of Lebanon Boeing 737-700 has been returned to its lessor.

The small Lebanese airline has ceased operations. Last week, (August 26) it already operated its last flight. Wings of Lebanon returned its only aircraft, a Boeing 737-700, to its lessor one day later, CH Aviation reports.

In a statement, Wings of Lebanon writes that it has temporarily suspended its operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficult situation in Lebanon. The airline does not say whether or not it will start its flights again, or when this would happen. Lebanon is in the midst of a severe financial and economic crisis, the catastrophic explosion in the port of Beirut at the beginning of August had intensified the situation even more.

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