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Will Icelandair take all 737 Max?

The airline can refuse three Boeing 737 Max, which should have been delivered last year. It is not yet clear whether Icelandair will do so.

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Icelandair Boeing 737 Max: How many does the airline still want?

The Boeing 737 Max have been grounded worldwide for 14 months now. The aircraft manufacturer has resumed production of the short- and medium-range aircraft these days. But the flight ban has not yet been lifted. The airlines concerned are therefore not yet able to put their planes back into service.

Icelandair is one of them. The airline has taken delivery of six 737 Max already. Three more should have been delivered last year. But because more than twelve months have passed since then, the airline is no longer obliged to take over the jets, according to the newspaper Morgunbladid.

Total of 16 Boeing 737 Max ordered

It is not yet clear whether the airline really does not want the three 737 Max anymore. However, in view of the financial problems that have plagued them before and the reduced demand due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Icelandair at least has an incentive to do without the three jets. In total, the airline has ordered 16 Boeing 737 Max.

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