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Additional tank

The centerpiece of the Airbus A321 XLR is under construction

From 2023 onwards Airbus plans to deliver the longest range version of the A321 Neo. Production of the 12,900-liter auxiliary tank for the XLR has now begun.

The Airbus A321 XLR opens up completely new possibilities for airlines. Wizz Air and Czech Airlines, for example, want to conquer long-haul markets with the aircraft. Other providers are planning something similar. Who would have thought, for example, that Air Malta would be heading for India and the United States?

The rear centre tank of the A321 XLR makes this possible. This large additional tank is located in the fuselage, behind the wings. It holds 12,900 litres of fuel. As an additional option, airlines can have a smaller additional tank installed in the fuselage in front of the wings. This gives the aircraft a total range of up to 4700 nautical miles or 8700 kilometres.

Tanks are to be installed from early 2021

At the end of June, Airbus subsidiary and supplier Premium Aerotec in Germany began construction of the first rear centre tank, as the aircraft manufacturer announced on Monday (July, 6). Earlier this year, Airbus and Safran in France had already started the construction of other parts for the first prototype of an A321 XLR, which is scheduled to take off in 2022.

Airbus plans to make first deliveries of the XLR in 2023, and the tanks now being built are to be delivered to Airbus in Hamburg in early 2021, where they will be installed in the rear of the fuselage.

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