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Bigger flag

Aeroflots new livery highlights Russian heritage

The Russian national carrier is adapting its livery. Aeroflot is becoming more Russain and is also following a trend.

Last autumn Aeroflot’s first Airbus A350 was spotted in Toulouse. It was still in production and missing its engines. Nevertheless, the aircraft with the serial number 383 got a lot of media attention. It showed that the Russian national airline might be planning to repaint its aircraft.

That has now been confirmed. The completed A350 was photographed again in Toulouse these days. And it clearly shows that Aeroflot has adapted its look. The Russian flag on a blue background will be much larger in future and will cover almost the entire tail fin. The winglets also show the Russian flag instead of an orange-red colour.

Smaller hammer and sickle

That’s not all. The silver paint on the fuselage is disappearing. It will be replaced by Eurowhite, a colour many airlines these days resort to. In addition, the blue on the underside of the fuselage disappears and gives way to a grey, as Lufthansa had done before changing its livery. The brand name Aeroflot will be seen much larger on the front of the planes. The addition «Russian Airlines» is now featured under the windows, as is the hammer and sickle logo that dates from Soviet times.

In our picture gallery above you can have a look at pictures of Aeroflot’s new paint scheme.

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