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Holiday subsidiary

Lufthansa has already trademarked some interesting brands

The Group is setting up a new subsidiary for holiday flights to distant destinations. Will Lufthansa use the already registered brand Worldwings?

Seven years ago Lufthansa’s management team developed a new strategy under the project name Direct4You. The aim was to keep low-cost competitors such as Easyjet, Ryanair and Norwegian in check. The result was their own low-cost airline, made up of Germanwings and Eurowings.

Before they decided to use the Eurowings brand in Frankfurt, which had been around since 1993, they examined various alternatives. Many of them contained the English word Wings. And thus Lufthansa’s lawyers immediately trademarked a huge number of names: Among others, Asianwings, Balkanwings, Britishwings, Frenchwings, Russianwings and Scottishwings are part of the trademark portfolio.

No decision has been made

Lufthansa’s lawyers also secured the Worldwings trademark at the time. And it might even get back into the conversation. The Group is setting up its own holiday flight business, which is to fly under a new name.

The decision as to the name of the new subsidiary has not yet been made. It will probably also depend on what happens to Condor.

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