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Safety concerns

Lufthansa and British Airways suspend Cairo flights

British Airways and Lufthansa have suspended their flights to Cairo. Apparently because of safety concerns.

Ad Meskens/Wikimedia/CC

Cairo Airport: Lufthansa and British Airways flights were cancelled

The first move was made by British Airways. The airline announced on Saturday ( July 20th) that it was suspending its flights to Cairo for seven days. «We are constantly monitoring the security situation at airports worldwide», it said in a statement. That is why flights to the Egyptian capital have been suspended. This is supposed to be a precautionary measure. «The safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority,» the airline continued.

Shortly after that, Lufthansa also announced that it was discontinuing flights to Cairo – again for safety reasons. The German airline explained that flights from Munich and Frankfurt to Cairo were canceled as a precaution on Saturday while the situation was being assessed. On Sunday, however, the flights have been resumed.

No exact reason yet

Neither of the two airlines provided further details on the reasons. The German Foreign Office merely states that there is an increased risk of terrorist attacks throughout the country as the situation could change at any time.

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