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Grounding due to Corona crisis

Latam Argentina is closing down

It’s over after 15 years: Latam's subsidiary in Argentina stopped its flights. She is another victim of the corona crisis.

Carlos Daniel Dobelli/Flickr/CC-BY-SA 2.0 (bearbeitet)

Latam Argentina’s Airbus A320: Grounded.

Last year the airline carried 3.1 million passengers and ownes a fleet of 13 Airbus A320s. And she had been active in the market for quite some time. Nevertheless, Latam Argentina did not manage to survive the corona crisis. On Wednesday (June, 17) evening, the airline announced that it was suspending operations «for an indefinite period».

The airline was founded in 2005. Its parent company Latam is the largest aviation group in South America. At the end of May, she reported that she was insolvent and had sought protection from creditors. However, the subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay were not affected by the measure. Nevertheless, Latam Argentina now had to call it quits.

Still in Argentina

However, Latam does not want to give up Argentina. The country will continue to be served by other companies of the group. Argentina had opened its market to low-cost airlines in 2018. A number of new airlines emerged, which caused a lot of competition and falling margins.

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