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Landing gear of Boeing 767 collapses during landing

During landing in Bucharest, the gear of an Omni Air Boeing 767 collapsed. The fuselage and engine cowling got in contact with the runway.

The Boeing 767-300ER took off from Kabul, Afghanistan, on Friday morning (August 28). The aircraft of the American wet-lease and charter airline Omni Air carried a total of 64 passengers and 15 crew members. They were due to fly to the United States. Before crossing the Atlantic, however, the flight schedule included a fuel stop in Romania.

After a flight of about five and a half hours, the aircraft with registration N423AX landed at Bucharest-Baneasa airport as planned. However, it suddenly tilted to the left side, as reported by the Romanian aviation site Boarding Pass. The left main landing gear had collapsed. The engine cowling and the rear fuselage of the Boeing 767 ground across the runway, and there was a brief sparking.

No injuries

All occupants were able to leave the Omni Air aircraft unharmed via slides. However, Bucharest-Baneasa Airport was closed and is expected to reopen on Saturday afternoon. Now the Romanian aviation authority Autoritatea de Investigații și și Analiză pentru Siguranța Aviației Civile (AIAS) is investigating how the left main landing gear failed.

Only recently, a similar incident occurred in the United States. A Fedex Express Boeing 767 was unable to extend the left main landing gear before landing at Los Angeles International. After landing, the jet skidded along the runway, causing sparks.

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