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Opening in 2025

Frankfurt Airport delays Terminal 3

Frankfurt Airport had previously planned to put the new Terminal into operation in 2023. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Terminal 3 will open two years later.

In May, the management of Fraport made a decision. «We are convinced that air traffic will grow again in the long term», said Chairman Stefan Schulte. This is why the work on Terminal 3 continues despite the Coronavirus crisis. The consequences of a halt to construction would be «enormous additional costs» and «massive technical and structural risks». And so the making of a new Terminal in the south of Frankfurt Airport is continuing.

However, there is a change of plan. The temporary closure of inner-European borders has partially limited the availability of materials and personnel, a spokesperson for the airport operator Fraport told German newspaper Echo. «This will lead to delays in individual construction phases.» Nevertheless, the main building will be completed in 2024.

Pier G to finish earlier

The opening of Terminal 3 will still be postponed. Initially planned for 2022 and later delayed to 2023, it will now open at an even later point in time. «The current target for the start of operations is the beginning of the summer season 2025», the spokesperson said in response to Echo.

The second construction phase with Pier G for low-cost airlines will be finished earlier though. The construction work is already well advanced and the completion of the construction work is expected «probably at the start of the summer flight schedule 2022». This area can accommodate five million passengers a year.

Space for 14 million additional passengers per year

In addition to a passenger hall, the new Terminal 3 comprises two piers and 24 gates with passenger bridges. The project will create an additional capacity of 14 million passengers per year, and 25 million when fully expanded. It is located about 2.6 kilometres south of Terminals 1 and 2. A 5.6 kilometre long railway line is being built to connect the three terminals.

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