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More space for cargo

Embraer transforms E-Jets and E2-Jets into freighters

Many airlines are experiencing strong demand for cargo capacity. Embraer is responding to this with solutions for converting E-Jets and E2-Jets into auxiliary freighters.

The aviation industry is still far from where it was before the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. Airlines are gradually adding more destinations to their flight schedules. However, passenger numbers remain low. And because fewer passenger planes are on the road, there is still a lack of capacity for cargo.

Embraer is dealing with that as well. Various customers have asked how they can transport more cargo with their jets, says John Bordais, who is responsible for additional services at the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. There are various new solutions for this, which have also been approved by the Brazilian aviation authority Anac, the manager says. They apply to Embraer 120, 145, E-Jets and E2-Jets.

Significantly more space for cargo

This way you can parcels can be stowed in the luggage compartments and on the seats. As a result, an Embraer E190 with 96 E190 seats can carry up to three tons of freight, explains Bordais. In addition a solution has also been developed for transporting larger freight consignments, says the manager. Up to 70 percent of the seats can be removed. The freight is secured to the cabin floor with nets. An E190-E2 can then carry 2.75 tonnes of freight in the cabin alone.

Azul had already chosen a similar solution when converting an E-jet into a permanent freighter. But the conversion of Embraer jets into temporary full-freighters is also possible, Bordais said. Solutions for this will also be offered.

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