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Production in Germany

Dornier 328 set for a comeback

No Dornier 328s have been produced since 2005. This is set to change - with a new turboprop production site in Germany and help of an U. S. company.


Dornier 328: The turboprop classic will be built again.

Two German cities were traded as possible locations for a new production site for the Dornier 328: Leipzig and Bremen. It is now clear that the city in Saxony has won the race. The Saxon Ministry of Economics wrote on Wednesday (August 14): «328 Support Services – holder of the Dornier 328 type certification – together with Sierra Nevada Corporation and in the presence of representatives of the Federal Government and the Saxon State Government will announce the establishment of a new aircraft manufacturer at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

At an aviation conference at Leipzig/Halle Airport on August 21, there will be further information on the plans to «resume production of the Dornier 328 Turboprop», the ministry continued in a press invitation. Production of the Dornier 328 was discontinued in 2005. By then, 110 328-100s with turboprop engines and 111 328-300s with jet engines had been built.

First plans in Turkey

The largest user of the jet variant today is the Danish Sun-Air, which owns around a quarter of the planes active worldwide. 328 Support Services, based in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, holds the type certificate for the model. It is a subsidiary of the American Sierra Nevada Corporation. The company first wanted to build a new version of the Dornier 328 with Turkish partners to be named TR Jet 328, but the project was abandoned

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