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Copenhagen plans to move runway by 300 meters

The airport of the Danish capital wants to make room for expansion. But to do this, Copenhagen must first solve a problem: One runway is in the way.

It lies in the middle of Europe. Just over 30 million passengers travelled via Københavns Lufthavn last year. That is slightly less than via Lisbon, Vienna, Zurich and slightly more than via Milan-Malpensa and Palma.

But the airport of the Danish capital is no longer satisfied with this. It wants to be able to handle 40 million travellers a year in the future. For this purpose, Copenhagen has launched the largest construction project in its history.

Terminals to be expanded
The two terminals and the security control area have already been slightly enlarged. Fingerdock E with new aircraft stands has also been built to the west of Terminal 3. But there is more to come.

Between gates B and C, Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport is widening the terminals of 270 metres by 60 metres. This will create an additional area of around 80,000 square meters by the beginning of 2029.

Cross runway is in the way
However, the Danes already have an idea how they can make even more space to accommodate more passengers in the same total area. They want to build new stands for larger aircraft. But first they have to solve another problem.

Runway 12/30 is in the way of the new stands. The runway at right angles to the two parallel main runways is hardly used. 2.2 percent of landings take place on it and only 0.2 percent of take-offs. That is why the airport wants to shorten it by 600 metres. In the future, only 2200 meters will be available for take-offs.

Only over Öresund
At the same time, Copenhagen Airport plans to move runway 12/30 300 metres to the southeast. After that, it would only be used for take-offs and landings from and towards Öresund. This will relieve the city’s population.

The largest customers SAS, DAT and Norwegian have agreed, according to a statement by the airport. However, the implementation of the plan will take several years, as authorities and local residents will still have a say.

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