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Indigo flight

Confusion over Indian photo ban on board flights

Following an incident at Indigo, India imposed a ban on photography on board flights and threatened airlines with consequences. But later the aviation authority backed off.

The scene itself was unpleasant. But the fact that it took place during the global Covid-19 pandemic made it a scandal. On an Indigo flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai, reporters harassed Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. They got too close to her, filmed and photographed her. Instructions from the crew to stop were ignored by the press.

The Indian Aviation Authority Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reacted quite strongly to the incident. On Saturday (September 12) it declared that a flight ban could be imposed if an airline did not prevent passengers from taking photographs or filming on board. For two weeks, the route on which this happened would then no longer be allowed to operate.

Authority rowing back

In fact, rules dating back to 1937 state that photography is not allowed on board. However, this has hardly been applied in recent years. The new announcement by the DGCA brought about some criticism. Whether this was the reason or other triggers – the authority relaxed the ban just one day later.

Passengers are still allowed to take photos and film, according to a document from September 13. However, the use of recording equipment, which is said to cause chaos and unrest, is prohibited. The authority does not specify what exactly these devices are. But on board the Indigo flight that had triggered the discussion, microphones and large television cameras were present.

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