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Alitalia leaves Malpensa Airport after 70 years

It is a symbolic step: Alitalia will no longer fly to Milan's largest airport.


Alitalia Airbus A330: Withdrawing from Milan Malpensa Airport.

Alitalia is already barely noticeable at Milan’s largest airport. Italy’s flag carrier currently connects Milan-Malpensa with Rome-Fiumicino twice a day. Since the airport in northern Italy restarted operations after the Coronavirus shutdown in April, the airline has not resumed its long-haul flights to Tokyo and New York.

Alitalia is now withdrawing completely from Milan-Malpensa. According to a report by news agency Ansa, the airline will discontinue the remaining flights to Rome by October. This is the first time in the airport’s 70-year history that the national airline is no longer flying to the airport.

Only Linate

Alitalia has long been concentrating its flight operations in Italy’s second largest city at the more central Milan Linate city airport. The airline, which has been in crisis for years, is generally facing a drastic reduction in size. A month-long search for a new investor was unsuccessful last year, after which Italy’s government decided to nationalise the airline earlier this year.

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