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Einige Flieger Betroffen

Airbus seeking root cause of odours in A330 Neos

Airbus confirms that there are unpleasant odours in a «limited number» of A330 Neo aircraft. The manufacturer is looking for a solution - and the cause.

On various flights with brand new Airbus A330 Neo, crew members have been experiencing unpleasant odours during the past months. Some of them complained about nausea and headaches.

The last time this happened was at Air Calin. The airline has therefore temporarily grounded one of its new A330 Neo aircraft. The odour problem occurs in a «limited number of in-service A330 Neos», confirms an Airbus spokesman. The manufacturer ist working on a solution and will present it as soon as possible.

«No exceptional levels»

However, it is not yet clear exactly what triggers the stench. «We will provide detailed information when we have identified the root cause.» Then Airbus will also present a definitive solution to the smells in the A330 Neos, the spokesman said.

The spokesman emphasised that measurements on board the aircraft had not revealed any exceptional levels of air quality. The values are within the usual limits. «In addition, the odours do not necessarily have to indicate contaminated cabin air.»

Previously on Air Sénégal and Tap

Incidents like the one at Air Calin have occurred previously with Air Sénégal, but especially with Tap’s A330 Neo. The airline also carried out measurements there – without finding anything worrying.

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