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National Colours of Estonia

Air Baltic to fly the flag of Estonia with new special livery

The Estonian national airline Nordica is giving up all its scheduled services. Meanwhile, competitor Air Baltic presents an Airbus A220 in the national colours of Estonia.

Estonian national carrier Nordica announced this week that it will stop all scheduled flights. «The strong competition and the oversupply of seats on routes from Tallinn don’t allow us to work profitably today», the airline explained. Its main competitor is Air Baltic from neighbouring country Latvia. «We see a very strong demand from the Estonian market and the number of passengers who travel with us continues to grow each month», comments Managing Director Martin Gauss.

Air Baltic has been trying to position itself not only as a Latvian but also as an Estonian national airline for quite some time now – in line with its name – but has fallen on deaf ears with the Estonian government. With a special livery, the airline nevertheless wants to demonstrate its solidarity with the country. On Saturday (29th June) Air Baltic presented a freshly painted aircraft. The Airbus A220-300 with registration YL-CSJ now sports in the national colours of Estonia. «Now we are bringing the name of Estonia across the world as the colours of the Estonian flag will proudly wave above our heads high in the skies», says Gauss.

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