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Flight from France to Norway

158 passengers sent to quarantine – because flight arrives one minute to late

Norway introduced the quarantine for travellers from France. Passengers on a SAS flight from Nice came to know what this means.

On Thursday (August, 6) the Norwegian authorities acted. They put Monaco, Switzerland, parts of Sweden and the Czech Republic on the list of red countries – together with France. The rate of new infections in these countries is too high for the Scandinavian country. Anyone entering from those countries now must go in quarantine.

The new regulation went into force at midnight in the night to Saturday (August, 8). The passengers of SAS Flight SK4700 on Friday evening from Nice were directly affected. And this despite the fact that everything had looked so good at first.

Landed earlier, but too late

On the flight from France to Norway the pilots even made up some time. Many on board might have hoped that there would be at least ten minutes. And indeed, after landing in Oslo, the captain announced that they had touched down at midnight sharp. According to newspaper Dagbladet, he even received applause from the passengers.

But the joy did not last long. As newspaper Ouest-France reports, the plane officially landed at one minute past midnight – and so the new quarantine regime took effect. The government even took a special interest in the case of the flight and decided that a landing at midnight or shortly after would be sufficient to fall under the new regime.

In quarantine for ten days

The 158 passengers must therefore now isolate themselves for ten days and observe whether they develop symptoms. They are not allowed to go to work or school for the time being.

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