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Grounded aircraft

Singapore Airlines turns Airbus A380 into restaurant

The airline from Singapore was planning sightseeing flights as a sideline during the Coronavirus crisis. Now it is switching to ground events - in the Airbus A380.

The idea was not entirely new. Singapore Airlines planned to start operating flights from and back to its home airport Changi in the middle of the month. The Taiwanese airlines China Airlines, Eva Air and Starlux were already offering sightseeing flights in their passenger jets as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. In November, currently unused Boeing 787 from Qantas will fly over Antarctica.

Such flights to nowhere not only promise customers relief from staying at home, but also offer airlines the option to make some much needed money. And long-haul specialist Singapore Airlines suffers particularly from worldwide travel restrictions. For the current business year 2020/2021, the airline expects a 50 percent decline in planned capacities. The company will cut about 4,300 jobs around the world.

All classes bookable

Singapore Airlines recently cancelled the sightseeing flights. The airline is now offering passengers who have been withdrawn from the flight another way to experience the feeling of aviation in the time of Covid-19 – but on the ground. For example, the airline will temporarily convert one of its Airbus A380 parked at Changi Airport into a restaurant.

On October 24 and 25, guests in the various classes will be able to take a seat on board the superjumbo, where they will be served their usual aircraft meal, the Straits Times reports. It is not yet clear how many seats can be booked on board the A380 with about 470 seats. There will be a mask requirement for crew and passengers inside the aircraft. Masks can only be removed during the meal.

Wine or cockpit

Guests will be placed in groups of five in the A380. Body temperature is measured before boarding. Singapore Airlines is also selling guided tours through a training centre for pilots and flight attendants. Visitors will be able to enter the replica business class cabin of an A380. For an additional fee, visitors can try out the cockpit flight simulator or take part in wine training.

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