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777-200 LR

Boeing scores twice with slow selling widebody

The Boeing 777-200 LR is not a bestseller. But in recent months, the American manufacturer has received two orders for the ultra long-haul aircraft.

Boeing called the model Worldliner because the Boeing 777-200 LR can connect almost any two cities in the world. Thanks to three additional tanks in the rear hold, larger winglets, a reinforced main landing gear, and structural reinforcements, it can fly as far as 15.800 kilometers. This range would be sufficient for connections like Athens – Sydney or Mumbai – Buenos Aires.

Boeing still offers the model today, alongside the 777-300 ER. It is not a bestseller, though. The American manufacturer has only sold 60 aircraft to date. The largest operators are Delta Air Lines (10 aircraft), Emirates (also ten), Qatar Airways (nine), Air Canada (six) and Ethiopian Airlines (also six aircraft). In December 2014, a 777-200 LR was handed over to a customer for the last time.

Turkmenistan Airlines loves the 777-200 LR

But in recent months, Boeing has been able to secure two new orders for the 63.7-meter long aircraft with a wingspan of 64.8 meters and space for up to 317 passengers. In October 2018, an unknown customer ordered an aircraft, and Turkmenistan Airlines announced last week at the Paris Air Show that it wanted to acquire a Boeing 777-200 LR. It is the right aircraft for the national airline of the Central Asian state to expand its network in Asia and Europe, according to the manufacturer. Turkmenistan Airlines already owns three.

While Boeing is preparing for the production start of the new 777X, two 777-200 LRs will roll out of the factory in addition to the 36 777-300 ERs – given that Turkmenistan Airlines finalizes the order. The rest of the ultra long-haul aircraft will probably continue to fly for a while as they are by no means old. The first model was delivered to Pakistan International in February 2006 and is only 13 years old.

In the picture gallery above you can see pictures of Boeing 777-200 LR of various operators.

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