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So far a pure Boeing operator

Will Pobeda switch to the Airbus A321 Neo

Aeroflots low-cost subsidiary has so far been a pure Boeing operator. But Pobeda is apparently making big plans with the Airbus A321 Neo.


Jet from Pobeda: Will the airline operate a mixed fleet from 2023?

Aeroflot Group’s restructuring plan is comprehensive. By 2028, the airline itself is to have a smaller fleet, of only Airbus aircraft. Meanwhile, significant growth is planned for subsidiaries Pobeda and Rossiya, at Rossiya mainly with aircraft from Russian production.

For the low-cost subsidiary Pobeda, it was previously known that the current fleet of 34 Boeing 737-800 would grow to between 170 and 175 aircraft. For this purpose, further aircraft of the type of Aeroflot and Rossiya will be transferred to Pobeda. In addition, the budget airline expects deliveries of Boeing 737 Max.

113 Airbus A321 Neo by 2028

According to information from Russian Aviation Insider, Pobeda plans to reach a fleet of 95 aircraft by 2023 – 75 Boeing 737-800 and 20 Boeing 737 Max. Then, however, planes frpm Boeing’s European competitors are also set to join the Aeroflot subsidiary. As the site reports, Pobeda plans to bring eleven Airbus A321 Neo into service in 2023.

But that’s not all: By 2028, the number of A321 Neos at Pobeda is to grow to 113. The site does not mention what will then happen to the Boeing jets. But the numbers show: Pobeda will operate a mixed fleet with aircraft from both manufacturers, but would have to give up some Boeing jets.

Airbus can hope for orders

If it were to happen, this would mean a large order for Airbus, either directly from the Aeroflot Group or via the detour of leasing companies. At present, the Airbus order book of the Aeroflot Group only contains open orders for 21 Airbus A350s only.

In 2018, Pobeda had already thought of becoming unfaithful to its single-fleet concept and Boeing with the Airbus A321. The decision in favour of the Boeing 737 Max then put an end to speculation for the time being. But the long grounding of the Max now seems to have changed the situation in favor of Airbus.

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