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Dreamliners for expansion in German

Tui is ordering two additional Boeing 787

The German airline Tuifly is embarking on long haul routes next winter. Now it is known where the planes will come from.

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Tui Boeing 787-8

It’s a big deal for Tuifly. The German airline recently launched its program New Horizons. It includes all the initiatives with which it wants to enter the new decade. «A central point is the new long-haul business», says a spokesman.

Starting at the end of October, Tuifly will no longer only operate to destinations in Europe and around the Mediterranean, but for the first time to destinations overseas. In winter season 2020/21, two Dreamliners will fly from Düsseldorf to Punta Cana and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and Cancún in Mexico. And now it is known where the airline is getting its aircraft from.

Where the planes come from

Tuifly will get the first two Boeing 787-8 from its British sister. Tui Airways currently operates 14 Dreamliners in the United Kingdom, three more Boeing 787s are in service with Tui in the Netherlands and two in Belgium. But the two long haul planes will not be the only ones for Germany. The plan is to increase the fleet to five Boeing 787s over the next two years.

«The supervisory board of Tui has approved an order for two additional Boeing 787s for this purpose», the Tuifly spokesman confirmed a report in the magazine Spiegel. The order is for 787-9s.

One question still remains

However, Tui Airways in the UK will receive the planes, and in return it give its latest 787-8 to Tuifly. In the United Kingdom, Tui Airways is in the process of expanding rapidly. The insolvency of Thomas Cook freed up capacity and opened up opportunities.

Where the fifth aircraft of Tuifly in Germany will come from, however, is still unclear. Leasing is also an option. Tuifly’s Boeing 787-8s have 300 seats in a two-class configuration. 253 seats are in economy class,  and 47 in Premium Economy.

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