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Due to Corona crisis

Swiss postpones introduction of Premium Economy

The airline actually wanted to introduce the new intermediate class next year. But because of the Corona crisis, Swiss has had to postpone the project.


New Premium Economy seat: Will be introduced later

The Lufthansa Group expects three possible scenarios in the further course of the corona crisis: A three-, six- and twelve-month grounding. Whatever the outcome – the company will be significantly smaller after this crisis, announced Group CEO Carsten Spohr. The Executive Board had already announced various cost-cutting measures such as reduced hours and wage cuts and had also frozen investments.

This will also affect plans of the Swiss subsidiary. In spring 2021 Swiss wanted to introduce a Premium Economy Class, first in its Boeing 777-300 ER. It would have been equipped with a completely new seat, which would then also be installed in the planes of other Lufthansa airlines. But the launch will be delayed due to the crisis.

Currently “makes no sense”
In the current situation, such plans would “make no sense”, Managing Director Thomas Klühr explained to aeroTELEGRAPH. “It will come,” he continued, “but later than expected.”

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