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Airport closure

Stockholm Bromma Airport could fall victim to the Coronavirus crisis

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, airport operator Swedavia is making an unusual proposal. It wants to close Stockholm's Bromma Airport.

When it was opened in 1936 by King Gustav V, it had an exclusivity. The new Stockholm Airport was the first in Europe at that time to have paved runways. After the second world war the airport experienced its rise.

But the jet age quickly brought the airport in the Stockholm district of Bromma with its short runways to its limits. Sweden decided to build a new international airport north of the metropolis. Arlanda replaced Bromma as the main airport in 1962.

Closure debate not new for Bromma

The old airport became an important domestic airport. It still has some international connections. With 2.3 million passengers per year, it remained the third largest in the country after Arlanda and Gothenburg, staying in front of Malmö.

However, there have been repeated discussions in Sweden to close it and concentrate all flights in Arlanda. Environmental groups, local residents and local politicians suggested 2022 as a target.

Consolidation in Arlanda «possible»

But the government rejected this. It referred to the need and to the operating licence, which will not expire until 2038. But now this argumentation has become outdated and excavators could soon start building new flats in Bromma.

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Swedish government commissioned the state airport operator Swedavia to prepare an analysis of the future of Stockholm-Bromma. It has now been delivered. And the company makes it clear: «In Swedavia’s view, given the new market situation, the continuation of operations at Bromma is no longer justified on commercial grounds and a consolidation of air traffic in the Stockholm region at Stockholm Arlanda Airport is possible.»

Government must decide

Swedavia does, however, impose one condition. It is essential that «Arlanda has the long-term possibility to develop in line with the needs of society». Earlier, the government had already stated that the airport must have an additional runway so that Bromma can be closed. The Swedish government now has the final say.

In the image gallery above you can see pictures of Stockholm Bromma Airport.

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