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Additional cargo capacity

Spicejet receives Maltese Airbus A340

Spicejet has received an Airbus A340 for cargo transport. Now it is clear where the aircraft is coming from.

Riik@mctr/Flickr/CC-BY-SA 2.0 (edited)

Airbus A340, registered as 9H-JAI: This aircraft is now flying for Spicejet.

Last week, the Indian airline announced the addition of an Airbus A340 to its fleet. Spicejet intends to strengthen its Spice Xpress cargo division with the extra plane. It stated the aircraft was added through a wet lease agreement. The airline did not give any further details at the time.

Now it is clear where the Airbus A340 is coming from. It is the aircraft with serial number 236 and registration 9H-JAI. It belongs to Hi Fly Malta. In the past, this Airbus A340 was in service at Singapore Airlines and Emirates, among others. It is currently wearing an all-white paint scheme. Until now, the aircraft was equipped for passenger transport. It is now carrying cargo as an auxiliary freighter. It arrived in Delhi on Tuesday (August 25).

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