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New airport in Beijing

Lufthansa is considering move to Daxing International Airport

Air China's other Star Alliance partners have decided to stay at the old airport. But Lufthansa is now considering relocating some flights to Daxing International Airport.

British Airways

Daxing International Airport: Lufthansa is interested.

First, China Eastern and China Southern planned to relocate all their flights to the new airport. Both were supposed to receive 40 percent of the slots for takeoffs and landings at the new Daxing International Airport. Air China, on the other hand, would have stayed entirely at the old Beijing Capital International Airport.

Later it was decided that its subsidiaries would also take off from Daxing. In the end Air China was awarded 10 percent of the slots. Nevertheless, the majority of Air China’s flights continue to depart from Beijing Capital. And that’s why the Star Alliance partners will all remain in Terminal 3 of the old airport, which is closer to the city center.

Lufthansa in close contact with the authorities

However, Lufthansa has now expressed interest in flying to Daxing. «We are very impressed with the project and its implementation,» says a spokesman. Lufthansa are «in close contact with the authorities and stakeholders to clarify when and how we could integrate the airport into our flight plan,» he continues, confirming a report by Aviation Net Online.


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