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Lufthansa places further Airbus A350s in Munich

The hub in Munich receives new long-haul aircraft. Two additional Airbus A350s enable Lufthansa to fly to new destinations.


Airbus A350 of Lufthansa: The aircraft will be seen more often in Munich.

Six years ago, Lufthansa took action for the first time. In September 2013, the German aviation company ordered 25 Airbus A350-900s. Last March, it announced that it would increase its order by another 20 aircraft. The first 15 aircraft have already been delivered. They were stationed in Munich, with the last one having arrived recently.

But that’s not it. Wilken Bormann, Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa’s Munich hub, announced on Thursday (August 1st) that further units of the new long-haul aircraft will be sent to the Bavarian capital. Two Airbus A350s join the already announced two A380s. Number 16 and 17 are intended to serve new destinations.

One Indian and two US destinations

The airline is still keeping a low profile as to what the new destinations will be. Details will soon be announced, says Bormann. However, one thing is certain: an Indian destination is planned. This is a promising country, according to Lufthansa’s Munich representative. In addition, «at least two USA routes» from Munich are to be added.

He had always fought fiercely to bring the Airbus A350 to Munich, said, Bormann. Initially, ten of the new Airbus planes had been planned for Munich, then the number had risen to 15, and it could now be further increased. In the meantime, the airport has become a serious competitor to Frankfurt. Short distances and efficient security checks are only two points where the airport in southern Germany is superior to that in the center of the country.

Lufthansa relies on several hubs

Lufthansa has never concealed the fact that it is very flexible when it comes to dividing long-haul aircraft between the Group’s hubs. “We focus on where our customers get the best quality. And where Lufthansa has the lowest costs,” said Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr in an interview with aeroTELEGRAPH last year. «In the end, the passenger also benefits since he does not have to bear the costs».

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