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Lufthansa claims millions from Adria Airways

There are claims of 88 million euros against the insolvent Adria Airways. The largest single item comes from Lufthansa Group.

The insolvency administrator of the bankrupt airline has received claims amounting to 151 million euros from creditors of Adria Airways. 87.7 million of which Janez Pustatičnik recognized as valid, according to the Slovenian news agency STA.

The largest claim of 6.6 million euros comes from Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. 15.1 million are demanded by former employees of Adria Airways. Ex-managers Holger Kowarsch and Sven Kukemelk have registered for 67,600 euros and 47,700 euros respectively. Especially Kowarsch had repeatedly been criticized for his management.

Residual value just over 6 million

Adria Airways filed for insolvency at the end of September 2019. In February 2020, the insolvency administrator Pustatičnik estimated the residual value of the airline at 6.2 million euros. The airline’s bankruptcy is also a case fpr the criminal prosecution authorities.

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