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Also Embraer E2 or A220

Lot planning large order of 787 or A350

The Polish national airline has so far relied entirely on Boeing for its long-haul flights. Now it wants to expand and is in talks with Airbus.

Lot Polish Airlines

Embraer E-Jet and Boeing 787: Will lot place an order with Airbus for the first time?

Lot seems satisfied with the expansion of its long-haul business. In recent years, the Polish national airline has replaced its Boeing 767 with the more fuel-efficient 787 and expanded its intercontinental network. Not only did it do so at its home airport in Warsaw. The airline now also offers long-haul flights from Krakow and Budapest.

That is why Lot plans to further expand its fleet. CEO Rafal Milczarski told the travel portal Fly 4 Free that his airline would be placing an order for larger long-haul aircraft in the near future. While Lot previously decided against Airbus and went on to purchase aircraft from Boeing and Embraer, it is now also considering ordering aircraft from the European aircraft manufacturer.

Larger aircraft to be built

In concrete terms, the Boeing 787-10 and Airbus A350 versions -900 and -1000 are on the final shortlist, says Milczarski. Lot is currently focusing entirely on the Boeing 787. The fleet growth is expected to provide additional capacity. The manager is still not sure how many planes would be ordered. However, Milczarski makes it clear that it will not be a little order: “I can only say that it will definitely be a big one.

Lot is also planning to place an order for new regional aircraft. The Polish national airline currently flies Embraer E-jets and Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 in Europe. Now it is not only considering getting the successors of the Embraer planes. In addition to the E2 jets, Lot is also interested in the Airbus A220-100 and A220-300.

Price is decisive

A decision is expected next year. Until then, the airline wants to analyze which aircraft types fit better into its plans. Of course, it will also play a role which manufacturer offers a better price, Lot boss Milczarski added.

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