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Pilot training

Iran presents homegrown Airbus A320 simulator

Due to sanctions Iran cannot buy pilot training equipment from western companies. So it decided to build its own.


Airbus A321 of Iran Air.

Airbus and ATR could only hand over 16 aircraft to Iran Air between 2017 and 2018. Originally, the state-owned airline had ordered hundreds of jets after the West’s sanctions had been eased. It needed them urgently, as its fleet is hopelessly outdated after decades of embargoes.

But then the US government under President Donald Trump announced new sanctions against Iran. Western companies are no longer allowed to deliver their goods to the country. That also goes for spare parts and other supplies, which Iranian airlines urgently need.

Costs cut by 90 percent

But Iran found a way to solve at least one problem. According to the government, its pilot school has developed its own flight simulator for Airbus A320 family aircraft. The simulator is «comparable in quality and features to the foreign products», according to the Ministry of Technology.

Thanks to the simulator, the direct and indirect costs of pilot training could be reduced by 90 percent, the government further announced. In addition, expenditure in foreign currencies will be reduced.

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