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Green Airlines

New German airline set to take off in October

In Germany, a new airline wants to take off at the end of October: Green Airlines is connecting Karlsruhe with two domestic destinations and wants to help the climate at the same time.

In the middle of the corona crisis, two German entrepreneurs push their project forward. In June, Daniel Sander and Stefan Auwetter officially founded Green Airlines. But they have been working on their idea for some time now: to create a new German airline that is aimed at business travellers and does not harm the climate.

Green Airlines is scheduled to launch at the end of October. From Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Green Airlines will then fly to Berlin and Hamburg «several times a week, and in some cases several times a day», as the virtual airline’s website states. The flights that are explicitly aimed at business travellers. The destinations cannot be reached by car or train in less than 4:30 hours, so flights are in advantage.

Flights from Paderborn also on the agenda

A second base is already being considered. According to Green Airlines, there are talks with «Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport about a future cooperation». In order to satisfy business customers, Green Airlines’ ticket price also includes checked baggage and meals.

Green Airlines will not own a fleet, however. The airline is a virtual airline. The entire flight operation will be taken over by Danish carrier Air Alsie with its ATR 72, as stated on the website.

«Green Flying»

The name Green Airlines has been chosen on purpose. The company wants to «enable climate-positive flying». So a flight with the new German airline should even help the climate.

And how is that to be achieved? Green Airlines overcompensates all greenhouse gas emissions. So they are not only set to net zero by investing in projects such as reforestation. The airline is offsetting 50 percent more emissions than each flight causes. But the entire operation is also to be made climate-friendly in other ways.

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