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New airline

Fly Armenia counts on 737, 747 and A330

In Armenia, a new airline is preparing its launch. It wants to operate passenger jets and freighters - allegedly with the help of ex-Lufthansa managers.

Nasser Ansari/Unsplash

Church in the Armenian capital city Jerewan: A new airline for the country.

Taron Avia, an Armenian airline, had to cease operations last year. Now a new airline is planning to start operations in the small country located east of Turkey. According to the Republic Radio of Armenia, Fly Armenia Airways declared that it had received the necessary Air Operators Certificate (AOC) from the country’s aviation authority.

It is not supposed to be a low-cost airline, but an airline where food on board and luggage are included in the ticket price. The fleet will consist of Boeing 737s, with which the airline intends to bring passengers from Russia, Europe and the Middle East to Armenia.

Allegedly former Lufthansa managers on board

The target group here is also the Armenian diaspora. In the long term, the fleet is to be expanded to include long-haul destinations such as Los Angeles, Beijing and Shanghai. In addition to passenger transport, cargo operations with Airbus A300 and Boeing 747 are planned. According to the report, ex-Lufthansa managers will be involved in the start-up.

Only in June, the EU had prohibited all airlines based in Armenia from flying to the European Union. There are concerns about the country’s supervision of its aviation industry.

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