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Incident in Brazil

Both engines of an ATR 72 ran out of fuel

A flight with an ATR 72 of Map Linhas Aéreas could have ended bad. Due to lack of fuel an engine failed in the air. On the ground the other one stopped.

MAP Linhas Aéreas

ATR 72 of MAP.

Brazilian domestic flight PAM5913 on September,  16 was scheduled to fly from Itaituba to Manaus – a distance of 460 kilometres. On board the ATR 72-200 of the regional airline Map Linhas Aéreas were 39 passengers and four crew members. On its way however, the pilots had to turn around because Manaus airport had been closed due to an incident with a smaller aircraft. When returning to Itaituba, the ATR 72 got into trouble itself.

During the approach the left engine of the ATR 72 failed. Shortly after touching down the right engine also Stopped working, while the plane rolled towards the parking position. The pilots could start this engine again and bring the airplane to a remote parking position, writes the French investigation authority BEA. It supports the Brazilian authorities in the investigation of the incident on behalf of France, the country that manufactures the ATR 72.

Authorities assume fuel problem

The probable cause of the failure of both engines of the ATR 72 is that both engines were no longer supplied with fuel. A local source told the Portal Aviation Herald that after the aircraft had been parked, there was no «usable fuel» in the tanks of the ATR 72. BEA investigators classify the incident as an «incident without fuel».

Local media report that the Brazilian investigating authority Cenipa is also investigating lack of fuel as the cause. An official investigation result hast not yet been published. It is still unclear, for example, whether the aircraft did not refuel enough fuel, or whether problems in the fuel system or leaks interrupted the fuel supply.

Investigations not yet completed

More details about how much kerosene the ATR 72 started with are not known either. It is a legal requirement to load sufficient kerosene reserves for the event of a diversion. Map Linhas Aéreas has stated that it always complies with all legal safety standards.

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