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Airbus and Boeing

Lufthansa won’t cancel existing orders

The Lufthansa Group still has orders for almost 200 aircraft open at Airbus and Boeing. In the meantime, the group has abandoned plans to cancel them.


Boeing 787 for Lufthansa: This is the look of the new aircraft.

Back in March, Carsten Spohr considered the cancellation of aircraft to be quite possible. The question of «which ones to cancel, which ones to postpone» was a package that was discussed with Airbus and Boeing, the CEO of Lufthansa Group said at the time. Some of the competitors have already cancelled orders.

In the meantime, Spohr is more optimistic. «We are currently not planning any cancellations at any of our manufacturers», he said at Lufthansa’s Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday (June, 25). «We believe that we can achieve the necessary flexibility completely by means of postponements».

Open orders for 198 aircraft

Lufthansa Group has fixed orders open for 198 jets between 2020 and 2027. At Airbus there are 30 A350, one A220, 82 A320 and 43 A321. In addition, there are 20 Boeing 787s, 30 Boeing 777Xs and two Boeing 777 Fs. Lufthansa also holds options for 102 other aircraft.

As part of the government aid package, the Group has pledged to put 80 new aircraft with lower fuel consumption on the fleet by 2023. The shareholders approved the package on Thursday.

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