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Fictitious airlines in motion pictures

Airlines that never existed

Airplanes play an important role in many films. The airlines that represent them often don't exist. Here are some of the best examples.

The film “Cast Away” is an exception. In this movie, Tom Hanks travels as an employee on a business trip in a freighter of Fedex Express. The three-engine plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean and the protagonist has to survive on his own for four years on a small island in the South Seas.

The unusual: With Fedex, a real airline gets an appearance in the film. Especially in disaster movies, airlines usually don’t like to see themselves again. After all, passenger safety is an important criterion when booking.

A brand is often recycled
Film production companies therefore like to rely on fictitious airlines when they shoot. One of the best known is Oceanic Airlines. Since the sixties, the brand has been used repeatedly in films. The best known example of this is the TV series “Lost”. Flight 815 of the not really existing airline crashes in it, some passengers survive on a small island.

In 1996 Oceanic Airlines also had an appearance in the action movie “Executive Decision” with Kurt Russell, Halle Berry and Steven Seagal. At that time the team shot so many scenes with two real Boeing 747s of the fictitious airline, that many of them were not used, later on they were used in other film productions.

Formerly real airplanes, today computer animations
In the past, aircraft were often leased for the shooting. They were then specially painted with the characteristics of the fictitious airline. It was extremely expensive. Today, the machines and their colorful paintings are mostly created on the computer. Interior scenes are often shot in studios. Often the interior therefore does not match the shown aircraft model.

In the picture gallery above you will see more fictitious airlines from films.

And which fictitious airline do you remember? Tell us and your fellow readers about them in the comments.

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