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Airbus slows expansion of A320 production

Contrary to plans, Airbus is no longer ramping up production of A320 Family jets. One reason: the increased complexity of new models.


Final assembly line of A320s in China: Airbus won’t significantly increase its output.

Every month, 60 brand-new A319s, A320s and A321s in both the classic Ceo and new Neo versions roll out of the Airbus factories. The European manufacturer planned on increasing production to ensure there would not be a long wait for the additional 5804 aircraft ordered by its customers. Guillaume Faury announced last year that the company wanted to increase production to between 70 and 75 units per month.

At that time the Frenchman was in charge of the civil aircraft division of Airbus. Now, he is the head of the entire group. And today he apparently has a different perspective on it. Faury explained to the newspaper Die Welt that considerations about higher unit numbers had been put on ice. After going from 50 to 60 this year – mainly due to the new fourth production line in Hamburg – Airbus is now planning on an output of 63 from 2021. For the time being, this will remain unchanged.

More A321s instead of A320s

They will take a break because the complexity of production will increase with new models, Faury said in an interview with the world. In order to handle the numerous A321 orders, Airbus will initially convert A320 sites and assembly lines. Airbus has yet to deliver more than 2600 units of its longest short- and medium-haul model. Only after that will it be possible to target higher quantities again.

Faury is not afraid to miss out on opportunities resulting from the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max. Airbus is fully booked until 2024, according to the CEO. So there are hardly any gaps for profits at the expense of the archrival.

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