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Airbus A380 that got damaged in hangar mishap flies again

During maintenance, the nose of an Airbus A380 of Emirates was severely damaged. After a six-month break, the aircraft is back in regular service.


Damaged Airbus A380: Costly repair.

It happened during a routine checkup in Dubai. During a so-called A-check in a hangar – which take place approximately every two months – the nose gear of an Airbus A380 of Emirates collapsed. The plane fell on its nose. It was severely damaged.

The nose, which houses the weather radar, cracked open and broke off. Indentations were visible above the extended flaps of the front landing gear. The repair was complex. Only now the Airbus A380 with serial number MSN200 and the registration number A6-EOP is operational again. «The repairs lasted as long as necessary to ensure an effective, safe and airworthy return of the aircraft to service», explains an Emirates spokesman.

Back in scheduled service

On Saturday (February 29), the A380 made its first test flight over the Persian Gulf. And from today it is back in scheduled service. It flies from Dubai to Birmingham.

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