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A350 and Boeing 787

Turkish Airlines wants long-haul jets delivered later

In view of the corona crisis, the Turkish national airline does not want to get new long-haul aircraft for now. This is delaying the Airbus A350 premiere at the airline.

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Turkish Airlines Boeing 787: When will the rest be delivered?

Turkish Airlines wanted to start operations again already at the end of May. But last Sunday the Turkish national airline extended its flight stop once again. Domestic flights will now remain suspended until June 4, international flights until June 10.

Meanwhile Turkish Airlines is trying to delay aircraft deliveries in the midst of the Corona crisis. Chairman of the board of directors İlker Aycı told newspaper Hürriyet that the main focus is on the long-haul Airbus A350 and Boeing 787. the reason for this is to reduce financial burdens, stated Aycı.

No Airbus A350 yet

Turkish Airlines has ordered 25 Boeing 787-9 and received eleven of them by the end of April. The other 14 should have been delivered by the end of 2023. Of the 25 Airbus A350-900 ordered, the airline has not yet received one. Aycı said that they want to take over already built planes and postpone the remaining deliveries.

For the time being, no changes are planned for deliveries of short- and medium-range jets. Turkish Airlines has ordered 92 Airbus A321 Neo, but has only received 17 of them by the end of April. Of 75 ordered Boeing 737 Max only 12 arrived. When the remaining 63 will be delivered depends on the approval of the authorities for the grounded aircraft.

Significantly higher ticket prices

Turkish Airlines also faces high costs because a large part of the airline’s fleet is not owned but leased. And the leasing rates continue to run even when the planes are on the ground. Among the cost-cutting measures after the start of operations will be that the airline will no longer offer free food and drinks on domestic routes and other flights lasting no longer than two hours, the Chairman of the Board  said.

Aycı explained that passengers will also have to adjust to significantly higher ticket prices. Meanwhile, his airline will not be releasing middle seats. This was not feasible. «Flying with load factors of 60 and 66 percent would put a considerable strain on the health of a company,» said the president of Turkish Airlines.

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