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Corona crisis

Aegan temporarily uses A320 and A321 as cargo aircraft

In order to bring medical goods from Asia, the Greek airline completely stripped two planes of their equipment. Thus Aegean Airlines tripled their capacity.

Aegean Airlines

A glance into the  stripped down A321: In it, Aegan Airlines carries medical equipment.

Passenger planes are regularly converted into cargo planes. But this usually happens when they are older and then for good. In the Corona crisis, many airlines also use normal passenger planes to transport goods. The parcels are then transported on the seats. Aegean Airlines has found a solution in between.

The Greek airline completely eliminated one Airbus A320 and one Airbus A321 to make room for goods. All seats and other facilities were removed. The two planes were turned into temporary freighters. The capacity is now three times as high as before, the airline stated in a press release.

Flights to the Far East
With the Airbus A320 and A321, Aegean is carrying medical supplies from China and other Asian countries on ten flights. The airline provides the jets and crews, Hellenic Petroleum pays for the fuel.

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