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Difficult expansion

1500 3D scans should solve Belgrade’s problem

Belgrade Airport wants to grow. But construction work at the airport of the Serbian capital has a few hurdles to overcome.

Vinci Airports

This is how the revamped airport will look like.

Belgrade Airport handled around 5.6 million passengers last year. But this is not the end of the story. The Aerodrome Nikola Tesla Beograd wants to reach 15 million passengers. At least that is what the Serbian government is planning in its aviation strategy for 2025.

Therefore the airport of the Serbian capital will be expanded. But this is not easy, because: In recent decades, work has been carried out at Nikola Tesla Airport time and again that has not been sufficiently documented. The construction company therefore has no reliable information about walls, foundations, cabling and pipes. It is therefore not so easy to carry out further work on the building.

New runway planned

Therefore, 1500 points from 3D laser scans were scanned throughout the airport. These should provide the necessary information for the expansion. The current airport is to be enlarged by 42,000 square metres. In addition, an additional runway of 3500 metres will be built and the existing 3400 metre runway will be renovated.

There will be nine additional taxiways, the existing apron will be renovated and an additional 55,000 square metre apron will be built. Construction will also take place outside Belgrade Airport. New parking spaces are to be created and new, better access roads built.

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